Goliath National Bank

Your Financial Wingman

Debit or credit? No worries - we got you, bro!

Why choose Goliath National Bank when there are so many banks out there?

Well, because banks aren't cool in general. They're boring, they don't look classy and they will never even try to be your bro. Will your regular bank be your wingman at the club every night? No! Will your bank ship awesome suits to your door every monday morning so that you can start your week as an awesome gentleman? No. So what are you waiting for? Suit up and open free account with Goliath National Bank now!

So you're claiming you're a new type of bank?

Yes. Goliath National bank TOTALLY IS a new and completely different type of bank. And we're not just different. We're legen ... wait for it...

Is this a real bank?

No. Goliath National bank is a finction. Don't take life too seriously, bro!

Open your awesome account now:

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